This production of Caligula was directed by Natalia Lasalle Morillo for Spring 2020. This play is about grief and it's toll on the body. The protagonist, Caligula is mourning the death of his sister who also happened to be his lover. In the midst of his mourning he is unwillingly ascending to the throne of the Roman Empire. Through his own angst, he decides to become the ruler that "everyone wants him to be" and wreaks havoc amongst the empire, resulting in a coup d'etat. 

The concept for the costumes were based on process of grief, and it's unraveling into madness, alongside a militaristic aesthetic. As this play was written in the 40s during WWII, I pulled from the silhouette of dictators of this era and simplified it. I also pulled from the drapery of the Romans as the director wanted Caligula to have a "safety blanket" where he could create a cocoon for his transformation. 

In the play, the character Helicon opens the show by eating an onion. This ended up becoming a very important symbol for my design concepts due to the characters gradually shedding layers as the play progresses. In fact, the entire color palette is swatched from a red onion.

**Due to COVID-19, the show was unfortunately interrupted and was unable to be performed. These renderings are examples of what would have been on stage.


Untitled_Artwork 1.jpg