"Cupid Stunt!" is a TV Show that is currently being workshopped with fellow CalArts collaborators. The story is surrounds a punk band of drag queens who get the opportunity to go on their dream tour. Things do not end up quite as they expect as their first location is in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of America. 

The band gets mixed up in some drama as they try to save a young queer boy from an older man in the bathroom of a dirty club. The lead singer and black trans woman, Afro Deity, saves the boy and ends up accidentally killing the older man. She ends up getting arrested and due to the climate of their location, gets put into a men's prison. The rest of the band decides that they're going to break her out of prison!

Below you will find early costume/character concepts. Click to expand.

Below you will find the comic book page artwork (without text.) Click to expand.