"MOLT" is a short film project centered around a costume I built a few months prior. The intent of the costume was to desexualize the female form, created an oversaturated, sexual monster that is repelling rather than attracting.

The film showcases a body wearing a the "desexualizing-device" and an oversized men's suit. The figure slowly walks into frame and enters their home, clearly exhausted from the day and takes off their "mask". 

The intent was to display what women, and particularly women of color, go to the lengths to achieve invisibility or disguise in order to feel safe in public spaces, and the burnout of these efforts.

You can view the film below.


These images are from a "performing costume" workshop, where we had to build costumes that changed the performer in some way, thus the creation of the "de-sexualization-device."

There were two different versions of the costumes that were made; one more rigid and structured, the other more bulbous and anatomical. Only one made it into the film.